Thursday, April 06, 2006

Someone sold my ARC on eBay

Can you read the type on the picture above? Just under "uncorrected proof" it says "not for sale."

An ARC, as you may know, is an Advance Reading Copy of a book that has not yet been published. These are galleys that are rushed to press before a single soul has had a chance to proofread, so that reviewers can get an early look at the book. Naturally, they're a mess--full of errors and all sorts of horrors that make writers cringe in embarrassment. And even though we know that reviewers are savvy to this and are willing to overlook the gaffes, it drives us crazy to see these imperfect representations of our work circulated.

So you can imagine how insane we get when some greedy, unethical weasel gets his hands on our ARCs and sells them on the open market. I could go on and on about this, but a hilarious writer named John Warner already did a better job with it than I ever could. So if you have a few minutes, I urge you to read John's open letter to the jerkoffs who sell ARCs.

When you're finished reading it, you might just want to order John's book, Fondling Your Muse. That's what I did.


SusanD said...

Sucks. Suckssucks. But, that is the price of your fabulousness! People must have the book NOW NOW NOW!

David Niall Wilson said...

Ellen, if it's any consolation (I've e-mailed eBay weenies selling my ARC several times) the people who buy and collect ARC copies usually wouldn't have shelled out the cash for the real thing...maybe they will pass the copy to someone who will love it and spread the world. Flow with the positive, in other is to short to worry over weenies (lol)