Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Talking to dead people

Tonight my s-i-l and I will go see John Edward at the former Westbury Music Fair. He's the Crossing Over guy who talks to dead people. Go ahead and think this is totally nutty, but I've seen this guy and his comments are specific enough to be totally convincing. I'm hoping to hear from either my mother-in-law or my friend Fern. Of course, they'd have to compete with all the hundreds of other ghosts in the room, but these are two people who really like to be heard, so who knows.

Now for some news from among the living ...

  • Huge congrats to my good friend Robin Slick who was nominated as having one of the 10 best blogs of 2006. If you don't think that's a big deal consider this: there were nearly 4,500 entries. Yowza! Well done, Rob! You deserve it.

  • The always fascinating Kay Sexton blogged about the bookplate I sent her. You can read it here. If you want a signed bookplate of your own, drop me an email at ellen@ellenmeister.com and I'll be happy to send one along.

  • Lately I've reached out to some very, very famous people to see if someone might agree to look at my next book, The Smart One, for a possible endorsement blurb. I think I'll have more luck contacting dead people.

  • Speaking of being ignored by famous people, still no bouquet of roses from George Clooney to thank me for sending him a signed book and putting him on the map.

  • Other people of note I sent a signed book to but never heard back from include radio host Joan Hamburg and her daughter Lizzie. I'm a fan of Joan's show and thought she and Lizzie might like the book, so I mailed it to them care of the radio station. Wish I had a way of finding out if they even got the books. I also sent one to anonymous literary agent/blogger/George Clooney fan Miss Snark, via the agent she is rumored to be. Said agent wrote back to assure me she was not Miss Snark, but would forward the book. Alas, not a word from Miss Snark, and Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA doesn't show up in her Library Thing catalog. Since I like these people I'm going to assume they're not being rude, but either never got the books.

  • Just so you don't think I'm a relentless whiner, I'll tell you that there's at least one famous person who did write back to thank me for sending her a signed book--radio psychologist Dr. Joy Browne. She sent the most gracious note and I was thrilled. I think she's the bomb.


    Stephanie said...

    I think John Edward appears to be aging backward....

    Good luck with all your contacts!

    Myfanwy Collins said...

    Can't wait to hear about your experience tonight!

    RobinSlick said...

    Ha! Thanks, Ellen. Yeah, I'm one bad assed blogger. (Who is breathing a huge sigh of relief she doesn't have to compete with Army Wife/Toddler Mom...I saw that blog and figured she'd run away with the prize, but then again, I didn't expect the Democrats to win, either)

    Okay, if you are admitting to John Edward, I'm going to share a deep dark secret with you. I am dying to have a reading by Sylvia Browne. She's sleazy and smarmy and is way too Christian religious in a way unappealing to even the world's most lapsed Jew... (me)...but oh my God, I find her fascinating and somehow believe every word she says.

    Okay, now I'm off to shoot myself.

    Ellen said...

    Steph ... I should have asked him how he manages that.

    Myf ... thanks. More on that soon!

    Rob ... do get a reading from Sylvia Browne and let us know what happened!

    Richard said...

    Ha about Miss Snark. I'm going to send a copy of THE KILLING SEA to the agent I think is her (and no, it's not the one I blogged about), but the chance of being wrong is part of the fun.