Monday, August 06, 2007

My cybertour

I'm on cybertour, friends! That means I'm bouncing around the Internet promoting the trade paperback release of SECRET CONFESSIONS OF THE APPLEWOOD PTA ... without ever leaving my chair.

Alas, no groupies, but I hope you'll pop in to some of my stops. Here's the list so far:

Joshilyn Jackson
Renee Rosen
Allison Winn Scotch
Deborah LeBlanc
China Dolls
Joni Rodgers
Jackie Kessler
Judy Merrill Larsen
Laura Floran
Eliza Graham
Karin Gillespie
Sheila Curran
Kelly Parra
Joanne Rendell
Cindy Cruciger
Becky Motew
Jana DeLeon
Sara Rosett
Toni McGee Causey
Maryanne Stahl
Vicki Taylor
Modern Matriarch (book review)
Modern Matriarch (interview)
Virtual Wordsmith (book review)
Virtual Wordsmith (interview)
Sandra Novack
Jessica Lipnack
Rebecca Flowers
TQR (book review)

If you feel so moved, please feel free to leave a comment at any of these. Thanks!


Laura Florand said...

So where is this photo of you and "George Clooney" that Maryanne has mentioned? I think you should share it on your blog! Or is it already here somewhere?

Ellen said...

Hi, Laura! I'll dig out that picture. hehehe.