Monday, October 29, 2007


By Renee Rosen

It's not every day that a debut novel is welcomed with the kind of praise Renee Rosen's EVERY CROOKED POT received. So I'm thrilled to be blogging about this very special book, and even more thrilled that Renee agreed to participate in my GCC Does Hollywood program.

Before I get into it, though, here's a small sample of the extraordinary buzz ...

“… a beautifully nuanced tale about an extraordinary family and an even more extraordinary young woman. Not since Myla Goldberg's Bee Season has a first novel so deftly captured the complexities, joys, and frustrations of daughters and their families. It's hard to believe this is a debut – Rosen's voice is already as good as it gets. Keep an eye out for this rising star." -- Sara Gruen, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Water for Elephants

“In a debut novel that could easily have been published as a…memoir, Rosen looks back at the life of Nina Goldman, whose growing up is tied to two pillars: a port-wine stain around her eye and her inimitable father, Artie. The birthmark, she hates; her father, she loves. Both shape her in ways that merit Rosen's minute investigation....” -- Booklist (starred review)

“Quirky and heartfelt, Renee Rosen's Every Crooked Pot tells a familiar story of self-acceptance and familial love.” -- Chicago Tribune

“Every Crooked Pot by Renee Rosen is one of the top books I've read this year … A perfect balance of scenes that make you laugh and ones that make you cry.” -- The Chicago Contingent

“Told with wit, wisdom, and characters so realistically drawn that they breathe, this poignant story of angst and redemption will touch the heart of anyone who ever longed to be “normal” enough to be loved.” -- Sandra Kring, author of Carry Me Home and The Book of Bright Ideas

"Realistic, sharp and funny, Renee Rosen perfectly captures what it's like to be stuck on the outside longing to get in. A beautiful, poignant, and impressive debut -- I didn't want it to end." -- Alyson Noel, author of Fly Me to the Moon and Kiss & Blog

See what I mean? Everyone who reads this book wants to shout about it.

So okay. Here now is how Renee would pitch the story to our fictional Hollywood producer:

A lovable misfit born with a disfiguring birthmark covering in her eye struggles to come to terms with her own flaws and those of her quirky family while discovering in the end that perfection is not a prerequisite for love.

And here's how she would cast it:

If it were up to me, I'd just cast Patrick Dempsey in all roles.

But seriously, I think Sandra could be Reese Witherspoon or maybe Hilary Swank ...

Adrien Brody would make a fine Artie.

Nina, the narrator, is really tricky. What I really need is a young Natalie Portman ala Beautiful Girls.

I hope you'll be interested in checking out this book the next time you visit your favorite chain or independent bookstore. To order online, visit Amazon, Barnes & Noble or any cyber bookseller. For more information, visit Renee's website at

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This truly looks like an intriguing book. I hosted my first online chat interview with an author last night for Gather and it went well

My doc did choose to call a minute before the chat started to tell me that what I thought was a sore muscle was a fractured bone in my foot. She must have been baffled since I got off the phone in about thirty seconds, maybe less. Hey, gotta make the right choice at the right time. :)
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