Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Things I Don't Get

Just some random thoughts on small things that perplex me ...

• Sourdough bread - If I'm not in the mood for something as simple and delicious as bread, I'll have something else that tastes good, not bread that tastes bad.

• Adam Sandler - Am I missing the clever? In my world, saying silly things in a baby voice is the opposite of funny. But it must be a generational thing, because perfectly reasonable people I know who are a decade or so younger than me think he's hilarious.

• Juicy Couture - I suppose there are people who will be impressed that you spent $158 on a little girl's hoodie. Don't count me among them.

• Men who wax - I support a man's desire to be as metrosexual as he pleases out there in the big, bad world. But in my bed, where there's only room for one girly type, body hair=masculine and vanity=feminine. I'll take my man hairy and unselfconscious, please.

• Dental bling - I'm still trying to figure this one out. I guess nose-piercing isn't ugly enough?

• "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" - I'm not alone here, right? I have to assume that anyone who's smart enough to put on their own pants doesn't find this song amusing.

• Hummers - The automobile. What did you think I meant?

• Mad Men - I'm as enamored of the golden age of advertising as I am fascinated by the cultural differences between the 1960s and our PC times. So I should love this show. Indeed, I want to love this show. But it's so underwritten I feel like whacking the writers over the head with a rolled up script. Damn it, people, it's your job to decide how the characters feel. Otherwise you just leave the actors standing there looking inscrutable, which is not a substitute for writing.

• White Chocolate - This is not chocolate. This is what's left over when you extract the chocolate from chocolate. It's kind of like selling sugar water and marketing it as clear orange juice.


Myfanwy Collins said...

I am with you on everything except for: Mad Men (LURVE IT!), sourdough bread (love it!), and white chocolate (really like it).

Artificiallyawake said...

I must say..I am late to Mad Men (now watching all back episodes via Netflix), but I absolutely love it! My husband and I make a night of it, ever time we get a disc. I just finished the first season, so maybe it gets bad, but right now I am enamored.

SusanD said...

Ellen, with the pathetic exception of Adam Sandler, I'm so with you on these things. I'm to the point that I get angry over white chocolate, as it is NOT chocolate and it's just... awful.

And I believe you are the first person to vocalize a non-love for "Mad Men" and it made me feel like I should look around nervously and then stand up, feeling liberated by you, and say, "ME TOO!"

Ellen said...

Myf ... I'll give you Mad Men, as Susan DiPlacido and I seem to be the only two people on planet Earth who can't get into it. But sourdough bread? Every once in a while I try it again and ugh! It tastes TERRIBLE. I seriously don't get it. :)

AA ... If you love it, go with it!

Susan ... Sistah! So glad I'm not alone on the Mad Men thing.