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Farewell, Dorothy Parker is now available in hardcover from most booksellers, including:

It is also available in all e-reader formats, including:

"Meister skillfully translates the rapier-like wit of the Algonquin Round Table to modern-day New York ... [with] pathos, nuanced characters, plenty of rapid-fire one-liners, and a heart-rending denouement."
                    —Publishers Weekly

"Magical fun."

"Meister honors Dorothy Parker, her still-fresh political convictions, and her body of witty, insightful work in this very nice literary romp ... I loved it ... Meister has caught the nuance and language of what I imagine to be the consummate Dorothy Parker."
                    —Jane Krebs, 

"In this funny yet tender homage to Dorothy Parker, [Meister] resurrects the iconic wit of the literary legend."
                    —Library Journal

"Hooray for Ellen Meister! In a miracle of fine writing with Farewell, Dorothy Parker, a novel of infinite charm, she has brought the inimitable, witty and acerbic Dorothy Parker back to gin swilling life."
                    —Linda Hitchcock, BookTrib

Farewell, Dorothy Parker is not only delightful and fun, it also captures the heart and soul of one of America’s most beloved writers … Ellen Meister has precisely recreated Parker’s sharp tongue and witty observations … this is a book not to be missed!”
                    —Debbi Honorof, Long Island Woman Magazine

"Farewell, Dorothy Parker is a delightful haunting.  How wonderful to have the renowned wit—America's wisegirl—as resident ghost and adviser....  Ellen Meister's new novel is smart and fun."
                    —Susan IsaacsNew York Times bestselling author of As Husbands Go

"Gone four decades and still missed, Dorothy Parker now has a starring role in Ellen Meister’s delicious new novel.  No doubt Mrs. Parker, wherever she is, must be smiling." 
                    —Marion Meade, author of Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell Is This?

"In Farewell, Dorothy Parker, Ellen Meister provides refreshing insight into Mrs. Parker as a wit, civil rights advocate, and writer. Both of this bitchin' novel's main charactersViolet and Dorothycan visit me any time."
                   —Mark EbnerNew York Times bestselling author of Hollywood, Interrupted

"What bliss to be in the company of a reimagined Dorothy Parker!  Ellen Meister's wonderful novel delivers the wit, ingenuity and elegiac sass worthy of the Algonquin Round Table's most quoted member. Long live Dorothy Parker and her zingers, resurrected so winningly in these pages."
                    —Elinor Lipman author of The Family Man

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