Friday, December 30, 2005

I am a Scorpio, My Lover is a Cancer

To see if you and your lover match up as well as me and my darling, check out Astrology Zone.

Here's what it says about my marriage:

Are you in love with a Cancer? Then you have chosen one of your best possible matches. This pairing gets a "10!" Your Cancer is as deeply emotional and empathetic as you are, and together you will develop a rich, intimate life unequalled by any other sign match (except for Pisces and Scorpio). Both of you have your moods, but you allow that in one another, and view the changing emotional landscape as interesting and adding texture to your life. Cancer is a water sign like you, and your lover understands the need for strong, intuitive bonding. Of the two, you are the more inflexible, but Cancer's ability to flow with changing events will be an asset to you.

Sex together will be outstanding. Cancers want a family, and Scorpio rules procreation, so this could well be a very fruitful union. Cancer also rules nurturing, so you will have the kind of home life you always dreamed of.

Now a word of warning: Scorpios want one great love in their lifetime, so if they marry the wrong person due to pressures and circumstances, the results can be disastrous. Prince Charles is a Scorpio and was married to Princess Diana, who was a Cancer. But his true love was the other Cancer -- Camilla. So here you see a Cancer-Scorpio pair that did not last. The moral, Scorpio, is to be sure that you marry your one true love. Even compatible Sun signs can't override that rule!

A Cancer in love, whether in the beginning or after years of life together, offers food as an expression of love. So cook together, feed one another, make love in the kitchen. Have fun! You've got lots to look forward to, Scorpio. Don't let this one get away!


Susan Henderson said...

Fun! I figured we were compatible anyway since we're coming up on 20 years together. But here's the scope:

I am Aries, My Lover is Aries

In this relationship there will be tons of energy and enthusiasm. Aries have strong opinions. Your role in the zodiac is to be a me-first life force, so this could turn out to be quite a piquant pairing! If you can weather the power struggles that will invariably occur, you both can have lots of fun. Try to be less competitive with one another and project your energy outward toward the world instead. Together you can accomplish much -- you'll light up the evening sky with fireworks. There will be no project too big, no dream too outrageous for you to tackle together -- you think big enough for Technicolor blockbusters!

Since Aries is the sign of the risk-taking entrepreneur, you might decide to tackle a new business venture together, acting on a gaping hole in the marketplace your eagle-eyes have spotted. Be warned: Aries don't want to be told anything, so taking advice from each other could be your biggest challenge. But once you deal with that, you can move on to living out your big adventure.

Neither of you is especially practical, so hopefully one of you has some earth planets in your chart to ground you. The two of you might keep raising the stakes, trying bigger risks as time goes by, so you may encounter the occasional crisis. This won't faze either of you. You've both got adrenaline to spare and can live life right on the edge.

Sexually, you are hot chili peppers, able to generate lots of heat. Aries feels cheated without a great sex life -- you'll both agree on that! Impulsive, impetuous, and impatient, you both might want to slow down once in a while just to see what love is like when it's leisurely. Rambunctious Rams will certainly butt horns now and then (that's a given), but making up afterwards will be ever so passionate!

This pairing is a yes, yes, yes! Finally you have found a soul-mate who shares your deepest instincts.

Ellen said...

Hot chili peppers? Wowee!

They were right about me and Mike, too. ;)

Stephanie said...

I didn't post because it was much less positive than you guys....but I'm learning to live with disappointing astrologers.