Monday, May 08, 2006

Meet Alana Morales!

Attention new moms! There's a wonderful new book on the market to help you navigate the madness of life at home with the kids. It's called DOMESTICALLY CHALLENGED, and it's written by Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit author Alana Morales. Funny and practical, this book tackles such tough topics as the myth of the Super Mom (hint – there isn’t one) and keeping the kids entertained without hiring a circus.

Where was this book when I first had kids?

I love the quote from Alana about why she wrote the book:

“When I was looking for books about being an at home mom, I found a lot that were either religious or talked about my spiritual journey through motherhood. It was 3:00 in the afternoon and my kids and I were still in our pajamas. I needed to know how to manage running the house full time, not a spiritual pep talk.”

Here are what other mom/authors have to say about DOMESTICALLY CHALLENGED:

With quick wit and unending warmth, Alana Morales has created for stay-at-home moms a must-have handbook for traveling the precarious path of parenthood...and life!” -- Julie Watson Smith, founder of Mommy Hullabaloo and author of Mommyhood Diaries: Living the Chaos One Day at a Time

"In this humorous survival guide, Alana Morales takes the new stay-at-home mom (SAHM) by the hand, and leads her through the maze of myths and truths about what it's like leaving a job to be at home, full-time, with the kids.... any SAHM, whether newly arrived at home or not, will welcome her helpful advice!" -- Linda Gillian,

"Domestically Challenged is the ultimate compendium of motherhood support! Humorist Alana Morales writes with hope, wisdom, and charm from the heart." -- Cynthia Brian, home, garden, and parenting expert at ClubMom, author of Be the Star You Are!

You can order DOMESTICALLY CHALLENGED at,, and other online stores. For more information, visit Alana's very cool website,

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This book sounds great!