Thursday, May 18, 2006

Meet Alison Pace!

I have to admit, today I'm blogging about a member of the Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit who has actually made me jealous. I don't usually get that way, but when I recently opened Long Island's huge daily paper, Newsday, and saw a full page article about her book, PUG HILL, I gasped. Then I turned a little green.

You see, the article focused on her book because it's partly set on Long Island.


So okay. Good for her. But that's not all. Today I found out she got a blurb from Elinor Lipman. Elinor Lipman! Do you have any idea how much I love Elinor Lipman? If I could one day get a quote from her I'd die happy. (If you haven't read her, you should.)

But here's the thing. It seems Alison wrote a book that kicks ass, and that's why she's getting all this great attention. So Alison, all is forgiven. You deserve the praise and the spotlight!

Here's a brief description of PUG HILL:
To get into the most elite spot of Manhattan’s Central Park, there are a few stiff requirements: you must have short legs, a round tummy, a pig nose, and walk on all fours—or at least know someone who does! Pug Hill is a place for pugs and pug-lovers alike to bask in the camaraderie that comes from owning (or dreaming of owning) one of the world’s most cherished and irresistible dogs.

Author Alison Pace has been to Pug Hill and she knows first-hand the joy and stress-relief that these tiny pooches offer. Now, the author of the hilarious If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend introduces readers to the congregants of Pug Hill in a novel that’s as full of love, humor, and heartwarmingly-awkward moments as the adorable dogs themselves

And now, here's what critics and authors (including Elinor Lipman) have had to say:

A remarkably sweet and affecting tale of inner growth. --Kirkus

Pug Hill is all at once touching, witty, and so very smart. I love this nervous and self-deprecating narrator who makes low self-esteem not only funny and endearing but enviable. There’s a terrific comedic eye at work here and a tender heart—a most satisfying combination.
- Elinor Lipman, author of The Inn At Lake Devine and My Latest Grievance

Alison Pace isn't afraid to tackle serious subjects, even as she delivers a wry and witty portrait of a woman growing up and growing into herself at long last. The aptly named Hope has such charm and self-deprecating humor, I felt that she could be a friend of mine. - Joshilyn Jackson, author of gods in Alabama

To paraphrase Woody Allen, love is too weak a word to describe how I feel about this novel. I lurve it. I loove it! - Melissa Senate, author of See Jane Date and The Breakup Club

A delightful romp! Alison Pace's dry and breezy wit make this a delightful, funny read for pugs and humans alike. If Bridget Jones kept a must-read book list in her diary, Pug Hill would most certainly be at the top. -Wilson the Pug with Nancy Levine, authors of The Tao of Pug

Are you sold? I am! After I finish blogging I'm rushing over to Amazon to buy the book. You can also buy it online from Barnes and Noble,, and other online retailers, or in person at your local chain or independent bookstore. For more information, visit Alison's website at


Stephanie said...

Oh I know someone who would die for this book. What a great gift idea!

Ellen said...

Isn't it the best when you find the perfect gift book for someone? And yeah, I think this one looks awesome. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Susan Henderson said...

It's on my summer read list, but I'm reading yours first.

Ellen said...

Oh, thanks, Sue! And I have to mention that the word verficiation showing up for me right now is addpic. Hm. I wonder what would happen in if I typed in, "What pic?"

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy the book ¨Pug Hill¨?

Yours sincerely