Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Less than 5 weeks until the official release date of my first book. Do I feel ready? No I do not! (Kind of reminds me of the day I went into labor with my first child. In fact, I think I'm getting cramps at regular intervals.)

Anyway, ready or not, I've got some local stuff lined up. Here's an early peek at where I'll be appearing:

Thursday, August 3, 8pm
Book Revue
Huntington, NY

Friday, September 29, 8pm
Syosset, NY

Early October (date to be announced)
Collingswood Book Festival
Collingswood, NJ

I'll post more details on my website when it gets closer. Meanwhile, I'll keep practicing my Lamaze breathing.


Myfanwy Collins said...

Awesome! Lucky folks getting to hear you read!

Ellen said...

Thank you, Myf! Right now I'm just hoping to get through it without fainting. :)

katrina said...

Enjoy every moment, Ellen! Wish I could be there. I'm excited my copy of your book will be arriving soon!

Justin said...

i'm really really psyched for you ellen. hang on for the ride!!


Stephanie said...

How exciting, Ellen!