Saturday, July 21, 2007

"Harry Potter and

The World's Messiest Girl"

An unillustrated picture book
By Ellen Meister

One day, The World's Messiest Girl turned to her mom and said, "There's a Harry Potter party at Border's tonight! Can we go? Please? Oh, please! Can we go?"

Now the mother, who was a kindly old mother, but also a tired old mother ready to settle in for the night in her cozy old bed, said, "If you clean your room, we can go."

You see, the kindly old tired mother was also a clever mother, and she knew that The World's Messiest Girl would never ever clean her room. She wouldn't clean her room for a tasty dessert. She wouldn't clean her room for a new Webkinz. She wouldn't even clean her room if her mom and dad threatened to take away all her favorite toys.

A short time later, the kindly old tired clever mother was about to undress for bed when The World's Messiest Girl came back to see her.

"I'm done!" said the girl.

"Done with what?" asked the kindly old tired and maybe not-so-clever mother.

"Cleaning my room!"

The kindly old tired and maybe not-so-clever mother went to check, and the bedroom of The World's Messiest Girl was sparkling clean.

Moral: Harry Potter really IS magic.


Myfanwy Collins said...

HA!!!! This is great, Ellen. So I take it you did end up at Borders last night then. ;)

Donna said...


Maryanne Stahl said...

LOL! so you ended up going!

(you should send this piece to Newsday or someplace.)

Martyn P said...

I am so excited about seeing Harry Potter this week! And I hope you ended up enjoying the release party all those years ago. I know I did ;)

The Acceptable Schizophrenic said...

You should send this to JK Rowling. Bet she'd get a kick out of it. Very cute and funny.