Sunday, January 06, 2008


By Eliza Graham

I'm so ashamed! I'm very, very behind in my blogging for the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit, which is a terrible thing, especially when the person I owe a blog to is so talented and deserving.

PLAYING WITH THE MOON is the debut novel of Eliza Graham, and from what I hear, it's a beautiful and mesmerizing book. Eliza agreed to play along with my GCC Does Hollywood blog program, and here's how she would pitch the book to our fictional producer:

PLAYING WITH THE MOON is about what happens when you return to the childhood home you left sixty years ago in traumatic circumstances. It's about what happens when you confront memories both disturbing and consoling. It's about coming to terms with lost loves and lost dreams.

My kind of novel! And here's her fantasy cast:

Dame Judi Dench will play the elderly lady, Felix, who knows whodunnit sixty years ago. Her younger self will be played by an actress who's good at rock climbing, which narrows down the field. Unless I find a stuntwoman.

Minna, the modern protag., will be played by Anne Hathaway, star of BECOMING JANE and THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. The British version of the film (there are two versions because the budget's so big) will star Keeley Hawes of SPOOKS (BBC show) fame in the same role.

The part of Private Lew Campbell will be given to a young African-American man of incredible good looks, intelligence and charisma. I will need to interview at least one hundred gorgeous men to find him. It will be hard but sometimes we need to suffer for our art. (Your trusty correspondent wonders if model Tyson Beckford is ready to make the switch from modelling to acting. Whoosh!)

Smart readers in the U.K. have been flocking to this book, and I think smart U.S. readers should, too. PLAYING WITH THE MOON is just a click away at For more information, visit Eliza's blog at

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