Sunday, September 14, 2008

The New SiteMeter: Chimps at the helm?

SiteMeter heralds the re-launch of their site with the words, "We’ve done it!" And indeed they have. Alas, what they've done is obliterate everything that was good and useful about their service.

Who's running this company? Chimpanzees? This has got to be the most ill-conceived re-launch since the New Coke.

I predict they'll lose at least seventy-five percent of their paying customers. Idiots.

I'm looking for an alternative, and signed up with StatCounter, which is not quite as good as the old SiterMeter (but superior to the new one). Does anyone have another company to recommend? seems good, but their terms and conditions look fishy and I'm afraid to sign up. Can't find any real info about them online, which makes me even more suspicious. Appreciate any info ...


Mister Snitch! said...

Incredibly, awfully, mind-numbingly bad. What WERE they thinking?

I think they'll get the message pretty fast, though, when their own traffic falls off a cliff.

Americaneocon said...

You might like eXTReMe Tracker!

eXTReMe Tracker

Myfanwy Collins said...

Ellen, just saw this message on their web site:

"We are in the process of rolling back SiteMeter to the former system.
SiteMeter should be back online soon.
Please check back later.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Sincerely, SiteMeter Support Team."