Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Update

* Pretty slow week. So little happened except that, um ... we changed the course of history. I'm even more ecstatic than I thought I'd be over this election, and so damned proud of my fellow Americans.

* In other election news, my 10-year-old daughter ran for president of her elementary school and lost. She got the bad news at the very end of day and then crawled into bed and announced that she wasn't going to Hebrew school. I pushed her to go, and by that night she was over it. What an astounding kid.

* I'm up to page 186 in the new book, but expect progress to be slow this week. Right now I'm editing in hard copy, getting these pages in shape to send to my editor.

* Still devouring Tom Perrotta's THE ABSTINENCE TEACHER. Such a funny, smart, sly book. And he's walking such a fine line with the subject matter--pitting right wing religious types against left wing secular types--that I can't wait to see how he wraps it up.

* This Thursday (11/13) at 7 pm, Saralee Rosenberg and I are doing a book talk and signing at the new Barnes & Noble in East Northport. Saralee created a terrific email invitation that she sent to local friends. Here it is:

I copied her and created one, too. If you're on my list of Long Island family and friends, here's what you'll receive:

You don't need an invitation to come. I'll be posting about it again next week, but if you want directions now, click here.

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RobinSlick said...

Hi, Ellen! I just popped by to say hello and to say how gorgeous you look in these equally beautiful invites...damn I wish I lived closer!

I just did some catching up and am very proud of your sewing prowess. I never could have pulled that off in a million years. My son was lucky to have my artistic daughter, who took over his (and her own) costumes from around age 8 though okay, I supplied the ideas and Julie was somehow able to follow through.

Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and now it's back to the horror that is NaNo. And no, I'm not making any progress but at least I'm procrastinating by visiting my friends' blogs for the first time in months.