Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Update

Oops. Yesterday got away from me so I'm posting my update a day late ...

• This week I had lunch dates with two of my favorite Long Island literary pals, Susan Henderson and Saralee Rosenberg. The only problem with these lunches is that they're never long enough. I could talk to these women forever.

• Bah! Circuit City is closing down. It's been my go-to store for electronics for years. Rushed over there yesterday to spend $90 in gift cards and bought myself a new printer/scanner/copier, which I'd been wanting for a while. These machines are so insanely cheap I wouldn't be surprised if the manufacturers actually lose money on them just to get you addicted to their pricey ink cartridges.

• Watched In Bruges on DVD last night. Well done. So darkly funny.

• Still reading Wally Lamb's THE HOUR I FIRST BELIEVED. (It takes me forever to get through a big book as I have so little reading time each day ... I'm spread so damned thin.) The plot just took an unpredictable turn that unsettled me. I'm pushing myself through it, but with far less enjoyment now. Maybe that's just me. I'm a hypersensitive reader in general, and sometimes I have to put a book down when it gets too intense.

• Printed out my untitled manuscript and set it aside. It'll collect dust for a while before I go back in and edit from start to finish.

• Been toying with an idea for a new novel but so far it's not coming together. I've got my characters, their relationship, my setting, an idea for a dark reveal at the end and even a title, but no narrative yet. Just don't know what the damned story is. If it doesn't come together soon I might concede that I'm not ready to write this particular book.

• I've been hanging out at Facebook lately. If you're there, let's be friends. Click here.

• This week I finished a big website copywriting job for an electrical company that installs solar panels. Felt good to flex those muscles again ... and the $$ helps.

• Put on too much weight over the holidays and am back on a diet in earnest. I'm hungry. I'm cranky. Tread lightly ...

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