Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Update

• This week I mostly cooked, cleaned and shopped in anticipation of my Passover Seder, which was a smashing success. I work hard for these things, but don't get particularly anxious. Only issue this year was that my dishwasher up and died just days before. Fortunately, we were able to buy a new one and get it installed about 24 hours before the Seder. So ... real china instead of paper. Made the brisket taste that much better.

• While I wait to hear back from my editor on the revised manuscript I turned in last week, I'm trying to work out a plot for my next book. I'm excited about the characters and their relationship, and even have a hook. What I'm still lacking is a story. It's starting to come together, but in bits and pieces. Ironically, the book I just turned in is done, but has no title. This new one doesn't even have a first chapter, but has what I think is a great name: The Cousins' Club. Don't steal it, please.

• Last Sunday, I took Ethan (14) and Emma (11) into Manhattan to have brunch with my cyber friend Lisa McMann, a YA author they both adore. Lisa is from Arizona but was sent on a big tour because her books, WAKE and FADE are huge bestsellers. It was great to meet her in person. She was just as funny, charming and down-to-earth as I knew she'd be. Here we are in front of Pete's Tavern, which has the distinction of being not only being the place O.Henry was reputed to have written Gift of the Magi, but of offering the most reasonably-priced brunch in NYC.

• On Monday I'm doing a podcast over at More info on that soon.

• The kids are off from school the coming week, but Ethan (in photo) is going to the Bahamas with a friend's family.

• Getting excited about my trip to Newburyport. See below for more info.


Maryanne said...

Yep, great title and I promise not to steal it! LOL

I'm very curious about how one finds a hook before a story. would love to discuss...

Ellen said...

I'll email you, Maryanne.