Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday already?

Wouldn't seem right to post this weekly update without acknowledging the loss of two cultural icons I practically grew up with.

I don't think I watched Charlie's Angels much, but Farrah Fawcett was a ubiquitous presence. This poster was everywhere, and while the boys were focused on her body, us girls were transfixed by that hair. We didn't try to copy it--that would have been futile. But it defined beauty for us.

For all that beauty and fame, I don't know if she had a happy life. But she sure had a terrible death. Peace to Farrah and her loved ones.

There's just no way I can sum up Michael Jackson in a few paragraphs, so I'll just wish him peace as well, and post this--the first moon walk performance I ever saw. I know it sounds corny to say this, but we knew we were watching history being made. There was never a performer like this before.

And now my weekly update ...

• My parents are staying with us for the week, which means that at least once a day there's a mad hunt to find his glasses. We need to implant a Lojack in his frames.

• One week, two graduations!! Congrats to Ethan on graduating from middle school and to Emma on graduating from elementary! I'm immensely proud of you kids. Superstars!

• Speaking of superstars, congrats to both Max and Ethan on their regents scores. (I don't know what we did right, but we sure grow 'em smart.)

• Writing news isn't quite as happy as the personal news. I'm in the midst of having long conversations with my agent about my work-in-progress and it's been downright depressing.

• On the other hand, I've been getting some lovely blurbs on my completed-yet-untitled novel. So that keeps me from going over the edge.

• Every week I think I'm going to have a final title or a pub date, but still no word on that. Driving me quite insane.

• Good news from some of my writer pals. Joshilyn Jackson's new book, THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING, has made the New York Times bestseller list. (Go Joshilyn!) Ron Currie's new novel, EVERYTHING MATTERS!, has the critics swooning. I read the first chapter online and it's astounding.

• Last but certainly not least, I hope you'll pack up your lawn chair and head down to the Schoolhouse Green in Oceanside on Monday evening. I'll be joining Saralee Rosenberg, Carol Hoenig and Brenda Janowitz for a casual outdoor reading, moderated by Debbi Honorof, at the Summer Gazebo Reading Series. Click here for more info ... and pray for clear skies!

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Angela Atkinson said...

Wow, Ellen, that Michael Jackson video brings back memories. I grew up with Michael--in fact we even had a poster of him in our third grade classroom from about this time. I was SO in love with him. Sadly the events of the past decade had soured/confused my view of him so I forgot how amazing he was. Thanks for posting this.