Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saturday update

This past week was mostly spent writing rather obsessively. I also finished a freelance editing job I was working on. Here are a couple other highlights ...

• Wonderful event at the Highline Ballroom last weekend, where I got to hear some stellar readers, comics and singers. I also got to join a group of 6-word memoirists on stage and read my life story ("Not as blond as I look").

I kind of got to meet Neil Gaiman, who was at the event that night. My friend Robin Slick had met him before was supposed to introduce him to our pal Susan Henderson, who had interviewed him on her fabulous website, Litpark. Neil was standing right next to Robin and, bless her big gorgeous tender heart, she couldn't muster the courage to tap him on the shoulder. So me and my Long Island chutzpah stepped in to tap Neil, point out that Robin was right next to him, and introduce Sue. I never told him my own name. Oh, well.

Upshot is that it was a fun night, though I can't honestly say it was worth the price of a mortgage payment, which is pretty close to what the night cost me. (Don't ask.)

• Speaking of Neil Gaiman, two out of my three kids read THE GRAVEYARD BOOK and said it was the best book they ever read. No small compliment from these two, trust me.

• Shout-out to my oldest pal, Linda Kitay, for the fun lunch on Tuesday at Fanatico.

• Yesterday I called my mom to tell her her aol account had been hijacked by a phishing scam going by the name "Desktop Dating," and that she had to change her password right away. So she passed the phone to my dad and ran to the computer.

I heard Dad talking to mom and then nothing but the TV in the background. (If you call my parents and don't hear the TV in the background, you've got the wrong number.) Dad clearly had no idea I was holding for him. I tried shouting, singing, whistling. But he didn't hear me. So I called his cellphone from my cellphone.

ME: Dad? Do you have the landline telephone on your lap?
DAD: How did you know?
ME: Pick it up and say hello to me.

My parents and phones. The fun never stops.

Saralee Rosenberg and I went to see Alice Hoffman at Book Revue last night. She read from her new novel, THE STORY SISTERS, and I was knocked right out. You really have to get this book.

Ran into fellow author and Facebook pal Debra Markowitz at the event, which really rounded out the night.

Here's a picture of Alice Hoffman and me from last year, when I interviewed her on stage at an Author's Tea ...
• Went to the Borders in Syosset yesterday and signed a great big stack of THE SMART ONE. It was really swell of them to place such a large order, so I hope you'll consider stopping in if you're thinking about end-of-the-year teacher gifts.

• Kudos to the NSSA folks and everyone else who participated in the Jack's Run fundraiser today!


Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

Your parents never cease to amuse me, nor does your your tender though sardonic, patience with them :)

I wish I could have been at the Neil Gaiman event--mostly just to be in your, Robin's and Sue's company.

Ellen said...

Oh, if you were there it would have made the night perfect, Jordan!!

As far as my parents, I'm very thankful for the blog fodder ...



RobinSlick said...

You and your parents are such a Seinfeld episode I break up laughing all the time. Remember the days pre-cell phones when parents would pick up both extensions of the land line and talk to you simultaneously? That's pure Jerry.

I know what you mean about the mortgage payment...I had Eric, 2 Amtrak train tickets, dinner...and naturally when we left you we were still hungry and had time so we actually went to another restaurant because when I'm in NYC, I refuse to "settle". I hit a cash machine in the world's weirdest grocery store - they also sold perfume, cell phones, and wigs...I only had that experience once before in the Flat Iron District but I didn't actually go in, I just window shopped in amazement Should I be worried they tried to sell me a wig?

Your six word memoir was fabulous and I'm so, so glad you posted it here and got to see the You Tube ...I was going to email it to you but naturally forgot because I've been having internet problems which...and I can't believe this...I may have fixed myself tonight.

Yeah, the Neil thing is funny, isn't it? I party with real rock stars all the time but put me next to a famous writer and I get totally starstruck!

Okay, enough out of me. 2:19 a.m. and I cannot sleep, figured I'd use the time to write...but um...this is writing, no?


Ellen said...

Ha! I love your description of that grocery store!! Only in NY ...

And yes, writers are our true rock stars, aren't they?

So great that we got to hang out, Robin!!! Wish we could have talked more. We still have so much catching up to do ...