Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Update 2/12

Alas, another week has passed with no career news for either me or my husband. If the universe is testing to see how tightly I can be wound before snapping, it had better take a big step back.

Meanwhile, my week ...

• The big news, of course, was the massive snow storm that closed school for two days. We passed the time doing all the normal stuff ... and even making one snow princess.

• The other big news is that my fist born turned 18. Happy birthday, Max! Where did the years go?

• Forgive the bragging, but with all our woes this year I think I deserve to make my bits of nachas public ... all three kids brought home straight A's again. Way to go, my darlings, my heroes ...

• CafeMom interviewed me via webcam about parenting issues and posted it on their site. Check it out.

Edited to add: Just discovered this second video interview with me from CafeMom.

• My friend Michael Palmer, the bestselling thriller writer, was interviewed on WEEI radio about his forthcoming novel, THE LAST SURGEON. One of the best author radio interviews I've ever heard. Do take a listen ... and also check out this link to the charity event/party-of-the-year that will launch the book.

• The big Author Tea at Hofstra this year is going to be on Sunday, April 18. Stay tuned for more news about the featured authors.

• Sorry I didn't start the video blog feature I promised. Things got a little out of hand this week with the school closings ... and next week all three kids are home, so it might take a bit more time. Bear with me.

• Slogging through Thackeray's VANITY FAIR, which is truly wonderful ... but I'd never make it if I didn't have a cheat sheet helping me understand which character is which.

♥ Enjoy your weekend ♥

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R. Jeffreys said...

Wonderful blog! Thank you for posting the radio interview with Michael Palmer, I wanted to hear a playback. He’s a really good man, doing many charitable acts for others and a great writer! Best of luck and much success with your own writing, Ellen.