Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Update 6/11

Oh, this week! This month! I am crazed and chaotic. Here are a few quick highlights ...

• Though the trajectory leading to this point has been clear since the day Max, my eldest, started Kindergarten, I was nevertheless gobsmacked Tuesday night when I realized the next day would be his last as a high schooler.

I won't say anything as trite as Where do the years go?, but for any of you who want a glimpse of what these milestones mean to the parents of a kid with special needs, read this essay by Erma Bombeck. It's one simple page that still brings me to my knees.

• Just about everything gobsmacked me when I turned the calendar from May to June, as I realized there were thousands of details in my life that needed immediate attention. So yes, I got the camp health forms signed, notarized and delivered, I'm almost done with Emma's bat mitzvah list and made an appt. to choose invitations, very nearly got the bus and finals schedule under control for Ethan, planned a celebration for Max's graduation and am still making and fielding about a thousand phone calls a day to get his transition services in line for the fall.

• One of the details that needed attending was my own damned fault. The caterer doing my daughter's bat mitzvah informed me that I had sent in the contract unsigned. Urlgh. Instead of letting him mail it back, I drove over there to sign it, just so that I could be sweet and charming and prove that I'm not a total ditz. No problem, only when I got home I realized I was wearing my cardigan inside-out.

• And oh, have I mentioned that I've been sick? Actually, today is the first day I have no pain in the my throat, so I'm hoping I'm close to a full recovery.

• And my writing career isn't on hold during all this. My literary agent called the other day to say the film agent wants a 2-page summary of THE OTHER LIFE. So in the midst of all this insanity I dashed it off, despite that I have no idea how to pitch for movies or TV. Fortunately, my agent held my hand through it and I think it came out pretty good.

• I don't know how much I'm allowed to divulge, but I'm involved with something for CafeMom that I'm pretty excited about. Suffice to say I'm being interviewed Thursday by a prominent journalist I really respect and admire. I'll provide details next week if I can.

• Weird news story of the week that distracted me from the oil spill: Doctors in France are training dogs to detect prostate cancer. I think that's way cool ... only I can't help wondering how they get them to put on those rubber gloves.

Have a great weekend!!


Myfanwy Collins said...

Love the juxtaposition of those photos of Max, Ellen. You must be so proud of this wonderful young man!

hee hee about the cardigan! There was a time last year when I kept going out of the house in my slippers. Driving away and walking out in public in my slippers!


Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

Oh Ellen, this is so damn exciting and overwhelming. I choke up looking at those two photos of Max. And I'm sorry but I'm a little giddy at the idea of your book making it into a movie! And have no doubt that it will. YAY.


Ellen said...

Myf ... I am bursting with pride! And buckle your seatbelt, friend. The years zoom by.

Jordan ... I feel the same way about those pics! And ditto what I said to Myf about the seatbelt. Woosh!

And yeah, hard not to get giddy thinking about a movie deal. :)

jessica keener said...

Woah. So many good things in your sphere right now!! Wonderful.

RobinSlick said...

What a great blog post but I'm laughing about the cardigan.

And I won't say anything about the film agent other than I absolutely, positively know it's going to happen.


liz said...


Such great new about the film agent -- fingers crossed.

And don't you hate how quickly they grow up?