Monday, June 14, 2010

THE OTHER LIFE early buzz

I recently announced that I have a pub date for THE OTHER LIFE (January 20), but I realize that I never posted the wonderful early blurbs I've received, so here goes ...

"Ellen Meister makes a big leap toward the literary in THE OTHER LIFE, a book where "What if" becomes the most powerful question in the world. This is the thinking woman's beach read, a love story to the modern family, written with a deep and lovely understanding of mothers and daughters and the sacrifices they'll make for each other."
-Joshilyn Jackson, New York Times bestselling author of THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING

"Gripping! A truly fascinating story of love, loss, and a magical place in between."
-Beth Harbison, New York Times bestselling author of HOPE IN A JAR

"Intriguing, stimulating, original, unpredictable, frightening, utterly engaging--THE OTHER LIFE reminded me why I love to read. Ellen Meister is a writer with a limitless future."
-Michael Palmer, New York Times bestselling author of THE LAST SURGEON

"In her riveting breakthrough novel, THE OTHER LIFE, gifted storyteller Ellen Meister doesn't just peek in on a young mother who straddles between love and doubt, she blows it open with a story of one who straddles two parallel universes, each with its own perilous decisions. It is a brave and honest exploration of the precarious limits of motherhood that will make readers wonder if Meister followed them with a probe and felt their racing hearts and hopes. If you have ever second guessed the biggest decisions of your life (and who hasn't), THE OTHER LIFE is a captivating homage to the question, does love conquer all?"
-Saralee Rosenberg, author of DEAR NEIGHBOR, DROP DEAD and FATE AND MS. FORTUNE

"THE OTHER LIFE is a provocative and unique tale of the road not taken. Ellen Meister puts a magical, masterful spin on one of my favorite questions: "What if?" What if you took both roads? You won't want to miss this one!"
-Sarah Addison Allen, New York Times bestselling author of THE GIRL WHO CHASED THE MOON

"I loved this emotional powerhouse of a novel that asks a daring "what if..." and manages to be as charming and funny as it is thoughtful and moving. Brava, Ellen Meister!"
-Melissa Senate, author of SEE JANE DATE and THE SECRET OF JOY


LitPark said...

What amazing testimonies to your writing. I'm absolutely dying to read this book!

RobinSlick said...

Wow! I have the chills yet again. Utterly fantastic. Sue, wait until you read it. How proud am I that my favorite books of 2010 and 2011 are actually written by people I consider close mind is boggled. And in between all this, I am reading Tish Cohen's brilliant The Truth About Delilah Blue. I am on sensory overload with all this are all so inspiring and brilliant!


liz said...

Wow, what fabulous blurbs, Ellen. Can't wait to read it!

Tish Cohen said...

I need to read this book!

Tish Cohen said...

Just read Robin's comment - you;re a doll, Rob. xox

SusanD said...

Ellen, congrats! These are terrific, and it makes me look forward to the book even more!

Ellen said...

Thank you, my friends!! xo