Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Update 9/24/10

I'm in the last frantic weeks before my daughter's bat mitzvah, so this is going to be quick ...

• Early this week my editor sent along press kit copy for THE OTHER LIFE, and I was thrilled with the writing and the way they positioned the book. Those folks at Putnam do a great job!

• Also happy to announce that the gorgeous and magical cover I love has been approved. They're just making some final tweaks, so I should be able to post a picture soon.

• Went to the book launch event for Susan Henderson's UP FROM THE BLUE this week and it was terrific. Sue read the first chapter of the book and the audience was so gripped no one breathed until she finished.

• Marilyn Brant's new book, FRIDAY MORNINGS AT NINE, is coming out 10/1 and it looks like a winner. If I have time, I'll post an interview with her next week. In the meantime, please check out her website.

• Wonderful post from my pal Saralee Rosenberg on the Girlfriends Book Club blog. Check it out ... you'll thank me!

• Was really knocked off my chair Monday by a Brian Doyle poem that appeared in the New York Times Metropolitan Diary column. Click here, and scroll down to ON 155TH STREET, IN THE BOROUGH OF MANHATTAN.

More soon. Have a great weekend!


Matthew Rush said...

Hi Ellen. Thanks for the follow on twitter. I stopped by to follow your blog as well.

Nice to meet you!

Ellen said...

Thanks so much, Matthew! Nice to meet you, too.