Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Update 10-15-10

Goodness, I haven't posted a true weekly update since 9/24. Too long. Here's what I've been busy with ...

• My daughter's Bat Mitzvah, first and foremost. As you may know, it requires massive planning. Like, rocket launch planning. I'm usually pretty good at this kind of thing, and get all my ducks in a row ahead of time. But boyo, I was behind on everything. That left me scrambling like a lunatic the last few weeks. And then, of course, both the Bat Mitzvah girl and one of her brothers got sick two days before the big event, which made the bottom drop out of everything.

Still, it all came off without a hitch. And my daughter was magnificent, if I do say so myself.

• Truly love the fact that so many of her friends aren't Jewish and it was their first Bat Mitzvah. It made the event that much more special. I got a kick out of the cards, too. Amidst the Bat Mitzvah cards were three Happy Birthday cards, one Bar Mitzvah card and one Best Wishes on Your Confirmation card.

• Big shout-out to my bro and s-i-l for throwing a glorious brunch the next day.

• In case you missed my last update, I got a final approved book jacket for THE OTHER LIFE, and I am wildly in love with it.

• Exciting news--my publisher sold audio rights to a wonderful company called Tantor Audio!

• One of the world's best bookstores, BOOK REVUE in Huntington, will be hosting the launch event for THE OTHER LIFE on Friday, January 21, at 7pm. You're invited, natch!

• Really enjoying the fact that every date this month is symmetrical. Yes, I am that geeky.

• A wonderful website called is giving away an advance review copy of THE OTHER LIFE. Check it out.

• I recently updated my PublishersMarketplace page. Click it!

• Gearing up to send my first newsletter in a long, long time. Are you on my mailing list?

• Check out this quick and savvy blog post from my agent, Andrea Cirillo, on what Hollywood is looking for.

• Writer L. McKenna Donovan is blogging about how writers can overcome their "negative scripts." Good stuff!

Thanks for clicking. Have a great weekend!


LitPark said...

Ack! I'm in Miami (for BookMania) on your launch date. I'm so upset. You have no idea how much I want to be there!

I will give your book a shout-out from my panel, for sure.

Brenda Janowitz said...

Launch party is in my calendar! Can't wait!!