Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Update 10/22

Happy Friday! Today I'm posting a few links I hope you'll click ...

• If you're on my mailing list, you should have received a newsletter from me this week. If not, click here to see the online version.

• Very soon I'll be giving away a signed copy of THE OTHER LIFE in manuscript form. If you'd like to be a book angel for me and have the chance to win, please click here and sign up for my El's Angels blog! Just be SURE you click through when you get the confirmation email, or you won't be signed up. If you don't get the confirmation email within a minute or two, check your spam filter.

• My dear pal Saralee Rosenberg posted a Girlfriend's Book Club blog entry, along with a familiar photo. Do check it out!

• A few days ago I blogged on that same site regarding my philosophy on posting negative reviews.

• L. McKenna Donovan has been running a wonderful blog program about overcoming the negative scripts writers fall victim to. She featured input from several writers, including yours truly. Today is the final installment.

• A bit of news: it's rumored a certain very talented celebrity might be reading the audio version of THE OTHER LIFE! More on that soon.

• In case you don't know, THE OTHER LIFE is now available for pre-order, and some of the online bookstores are offering deep discounts. See the links on the right.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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