Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Update 11/12

Happy Friday! I've been busy working on FAREWELL, DOROTHY PARKER and trying to get my ducks in a row for the launch of THE OTHER LIFE. Here's the latest ...

• Got my ARCs (advance review copies) for THE OTHER LIFE on Tuesday! This is the part where it starts to feel real, so I'm pretty damned excited, especially since they look magnificent. A huge shout-out to the very talented Lisa Amoroso, who designed the jacket, and Meighan Cavanaugh, who designed the book. And of course, to my sage and savvy editor, Rachel Kahan, who directs the whole thing.

• Here's something fun for all my local writer friends--on Thursday, December 2, there's a fabulous event at Book Revue called PITCHAPALOOZA! It's like American Idol for aspiring authors. You get one minute to pitch your book idea to a panel of judges. I'll be one of them, playing the role of either Simon or Paula. Or maybe Randy, dawg. Click here for more info.

• Did a book talk this week to the ladies at my temple's sisterhood. Great group, and I got to chance to do my first public reading from THE OTHER LIFE.

• The sisterhood event coincided with my wedding anniversary, so Mike and I celebrated the Sunday prior at Jonathan's Ristorante in Huntington. One of our favorite places.

• FYI, Maria Geraci has a wonderful new book coming out next month, and I hope you'll check it out. It's called THE BOYFRIEND OF THE MONTH CLUB. Also, I think she's going to be doing a really good giveaway on her blog soon, so be sure to bookmark it.

Have a great weekend!


Maria Geraci said...

Ellen, thanks for the plug!

Your new book sounds terrific. Great cover too!

LitPark said...

Remind me about Book Revue closer to December. I'd love to watch this!