Friday, December 03, 2010

The better-late-than-never Friday Update

Shame! I didn't post a Friday update last week and here it is 6:30 pm and I'm just getting around to posting today's.

I guess I've been pretty busy, but I can't remember what I did this week. Mostly running around with the kids, I guess, shopping, organizing, helping with homework and writing. I had houseguests last week, so I had a lot of catching up to do. The week went by in about three seconds.

And the little one's been sick the past two days, unfortunately. Seems like just a bad cold with a fever.

The good news is that I'm making progress with FAREWELL, DOROTHY PARKER, and got some wonderful research help from Long Islander writer/attorney Tony Iovino.

Speaking of FAREWELL, DOROTHY PARKER, I went into Manhattan today to scope out the Algonquin again for one of the final scenes. Also had lunch with my fab editor, Rachel Kahan.

One last bit of publishing news--Putnam put a wonderful ad for THE OTHER LIFE in Shelf Awareness, a very big trade pub.

Dinner's in the oven, so I have to run. But if you're not a member of my El's Angels blog and would like to help me out by placing a call to your local library and asking them to order THE OTHER LIFE for their collection, please click here. You could win a pretty nifty t-shirt. Thanks!

Have a great weekend!

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