Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Update 3/4

Big thanks to everyone who came to my Barnes & Noble/Carle Place event last night! Great crowd, and though I'm sorry some of you had to stand, I have to admit that SRO is kind of gratifying ... especially since I was worried that no one would show up.

Here's more news ...

• Looks like my NPR interview will air on Sunday, 3/13. More on that soon.

• Nice feature on yesterday. Click here to read the article. (Click here if you can't view it the entire story.)

• Huge thanks to the Girls Just Reading blog for the insightful and interesting interview questions! Please click here to read it.

• Savvy Verse & Wit posted this very thoughtful (and positive) review of THE OTHER LIFE.

• Also thrilled with this wonderful review from Raging Bibliomania.

• Sweet surprise--Sherryl Connelly of the New York Daily News did a roundup of books with a local setting and included THE OTHER LIFE:

click image for larger view

• I loved this feature about the cover art for THE OTHER LIFE on a B&N blog.

• Extra-special Goodreads review from JoAnn Jordan this week, in which she says, "[THE OTHER LIFE] is the most beautiful book I have read in years. "  Read the rest here.

• In Colloquium, Janie Hickok Siess gives an impressively thoughtful and in-depth review of THE OTHER LIFE, saying "It is impossible to put the book down because the story is so unique and the issues Meister explores so multi-layered and fascinating you are compelled to keep reading to see what Quinn will do next .... ‎The exploration of Quinn Braverman's journey to that place of empowerment over her own life is an exhilarating and thoughtful one that lovers of women's fiction should not miss." 

• Debbi Honorof did a wonderful interview with Jodi Picoult in the March issue of Long Island Woman. Check it out!

Great local coverage in the Syosset Jericho Tribune! Huge thanks to all my friends and relatives who reached out after seeing this. Really appreciate the support. xo

• Overzealous spam filters seem to be snatching my emails from the inboxes of my subscribers, and I can't seem to find a way around that. Frustrating! But you can click here to see my latest newsletter.

Have a great weekend!


RobinSlick said...

I love your weekly updates, Ellen. It's my "writing" version of the Sunday Food Section in our local newspaper...meaning, I look forward to it all week.

And such great news all around...yay!

LitPark said...

This is all so very wonderful. I've been reading your blog via google-buzz, which is so convenient, but I realized it keeps me from leaving comments.

You were wonderful last night. I'm sorry to say, however, that the chocolate chip cookies did not survive the ride home.

Jill Thomas said...

So happy for you during this busy, busy time, Ellen! Looking forward to the NPR interview (I happen to be one of those nerds who loves public radio...and television). I've said this before, but enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY! Reap your hard-earned rewards, my friend!