Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Update, 5/13/11

Happy Friday the 13th! I guess it was bad luck for Blogger (and me) because the whole system was down all morning and I couldn't post my update.

This week I was busy playing catch up with a million and one errands, as I had house guests last week and my schedule has been crammed. But here are a couple of fun things ...

• HUGE thanks to Katrina Denza for posting this smashing review of THE OTHER LIFE!

• So very thrilled to discover THE OTHER LIFE on Robin Kall's list of 7 Great Books for Spring! Delighted to be in such great company.

• Shout-out to Target for the temporary price cut on THE OTHER LIFE. It's a bargain hunter's alert.

There's more going on, but it'll have to wait. Blogger really messed up my schedule, and now I have to dash. Have a great weekend!

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