Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Update 12/23/11

Lots of sweet clickies this week ...

• I had the honor or writing a guest blog for the Book Reporter, and chose to reveal a bit about Hanukkahs past and present. Take a look.

• Huge thanks to Kathy Fish, a treasured friend and extraordinarily talented writer, who invited me to submit something "wild" to Necessary Fiction, where she is the guest editor.

• Thanks to Paulita, too, for this lovely review of THE OTHER LIFE in An Accidental Blog.

• Thrilled to discover that THE OTHER LIFE was selected as one of the year's favorites over at Tina's Book Reviews.

• Shout-out to the lovely blog, Kindle Fever, for inviting me to submit an article on inspiration. You can read it here.

• Really feeling the love from Chick Lit Reviews, which said, "The Other Life by Ellen Meister was one of the most thought provoking novels I’ve read in a long time." Read the rest here.

• This one's for local friends who are looking for something to do on Superbowl Sunday that doesn't involve football. It's called Super Goal Sunday for Women, and it's the brainchild of my pal Debbi Honorof. Read more about it here.

• A couple of shout-outs to friends ... kudos to Daniel Palmer, whose new book, HELPLESS, is getting rave reviews from even the crankiest sources (you'll want to read this one for sure!) ... a deep bow to my pal Susan Henderson for introducing me to THE WRITER'S JOURNEY, a book that's helping me figure out the best way to structure my w-i-p ... fans of suspense will love NOTARY PUBLIC ENEMY by Long Island attorney Tony Iovino ...

That's about it. Have a Happy Hanukkah,  a Merry Christmas, and a joyous, healthy and prosperous New Year ...

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