Friday, July 06, 2012

Is this filmic?

 The Wishing Cake is a romantic comedy about a divorcee who isn't expecting sweetness to walk into her life. But when an enchanting elderly couple enters the bakery where she works and gives her some blue powder they calling "wishing dust," everything changes. And I mean everything. Does that sound like a good premise for a movie? Here's an excerpt that explains more:

Rhea took a jagged breath and stared at the ceiling. If she were a man, none of this would have happened. She wouldn't have lost her job. She wouldn't have been attacked. She wouldn't be scared and alone in the dark.

She held up her hand to catch a ray of light beaming through her blinds from the street lamp. She realized, then, that she had fallen into bed without even washing up, as there was still a bit of the old couple's sweet blue dust on her finger.

Rhea rolled onto her side to try to fall asleep. As drowsiness descended, thick and inevitable, she couldn't rid herself of the single bitter reflection that did nothing to help her situation: I wish I were a man.

Then, as consciousness dissolved, her stomach rumbled in hunger and she instinctively sought the sugary residue that hadn't made its way to the cake.

At last Rhea drifted into deep sleep, her blue-tipped finger falling slowly from her lips as she repeated her wish.
To read the rest, click here and download The Wishing Cake. If you don't have a Kindle, you can click here to download a free app for any device.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it, and would love to know what you think.

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