Friday, September 27, 2013


Big thanks to my wonderkid for taking these pics and creating a gif!

In case you're wondering that I'm doing in with all those markers and papers, I'll explain ...

You probably already know that Farewell, Dorothy Parker came out in hardcover a few months ago. But it's also coming out in trade paperback (with a brand new beautiful cover!) on December 3. I asked my publisher if there was any way I could sign every copy of the first printing, and the next thing I knew they shipped me cartons and cartons of unbound pages. (That stack you see represents only a small fraction of the pages I signed.)

I went through several dozen Sharpies, but I'm all done, and the books are currently being bound.

Note that EVERY COPY OF THE FIRST PRINTING IS A SIGNED BOOK. You can reserve one right now by ordering from any bookseller, including:

The publication date is December 3, which means you'll have it in time for the holidays. Also note that it's not a mass market paperback, but a collectible trade paperback edition.

Thanks! I hope you love it.

"Hooray for Ellen Meister! In a miracle of fine writing with Farewell, Dorothy Parker, a novel of infinite charm, she has brought the inimitable, witty and acerbic Dorothy Parker back to gin swilling life." —BookTrib            

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