Thursday, April 24, 2014

Does your mom like books?

"Delicious entertainment." —Cleveland Plain Dealer

In my humble opinion, autographed books make great Mother's Day gifts. And if your mom is a Dorothy Parker fan--or just likes a past-paced story with "pathos, nuanced characters, plenty of rapid-fire one-liners, and a heart-rending denouement" (Publishers Weekly)--I hope you'll consider buying her a copy of the trade paperback edition of FAREWELL, DOROTHY PARKER.

"A fun, spunky, tension-ridden but endearing tale ... absolutely delightful!"  —The Best Reviews

Since every printed copy of this edition has my signature, you are guaranteed to get an autographed copy, with a gold sticker on the cover, no matter where you order from. (Note that your order won't indicate that it's a signed book, but as long as you buy it in trade paperback, I promise it will arrive with my signature. Click here for deets.)

Mother's Day is just around the corner, but if you order now you'll definitely get it in time. Here are some links:

Amazon • Barnes & Noble • Books-A-Million • IndieBound • Penguin Walmart

For more information, visit my website at Thanks!

"Magical fun." —Booklist

“[Meister] reveals the pathos behind the pith, and she instructs readers about the enduring legacy of a writer who produced not just ‘scathing reviews, clever jokes, quotable poetry, and insightful short stories’ but also championed social causes. Classic Parker zingers sprinkled throughout the novel add sparkle.” —Washington Post

"The plot was so swift and the prose so clean and clear, I had the book done in the space of an afternoon. I'd highly recommend this novel to those who enjoy stories of the Algonquin Round Table and Dorothy Parker's legendary wit ... Solid A." —Butterfly Books 

"You don't have to know who Dorothy Parker was to truly appreciate this wonderful novel ... an enjoyable fun read with depth to the characters and a lovely portrayal of the wit of Dorothy Parker herself." —Luxury Reading

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