Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hilarious new television show:

The Office

I'm not going to say every TV show I like gets cancelled, but I will say every TV show I like that's this smart and funny gets cancelled. (Two great examples are Sports Night and Buffalo Bill.) So this is a totally self-serving post, as I'd love to get viewership up so this show stays on the air. Please, give this a shot. I promise there's nothing sitcom-y about it. It's completely character-driven, and zeroes in on the relationships between these hilarious, authentic, offbeat (yet recognizable) individuals. It's on NBC on Tuesday night. To see a clip, click The Office, and then click videos. The one called "Sexual Harassment" is particularly hilarious. Hell, they all are. I'm telling you.


Katie said...

I adore Steve Carrell. I haven't started watching this show yet, but I should.

Ellen said...

Oh, Katie, you'll LOVE it. I really think it's right up your alley. In addition to being so hilarious, it's presented in the style of a documentary, so you'll get a kick out of that.