Thursday, October 06, 2005

Why I'm not blogging much:

My horoscope tells all

No sooner do I start this blog than I realize that if I don't write a chapter a week between now and this summer, there's no way I'll make deadline on my new novel, THE SMART ONE. According to my horoscope, this is a good thing:

You will be highly creative and productive this month, especially when you are in solitude, so don't allow anyone to pull you out of your cocoon into the real world. It's your time to center yourself, because what is to come to you soon will change everything. You need to be ready - this is your month to do the deep thinking necessary to make the coming period a roaring success.

Thanks to Susan Henderson for the link to this excellent horoscope site.


katrina said...

Very cool! Good luck with your new novel!

kim said...

woohoo! we're gonna' have a good year. weird what it said about 2003 2005, it was right on the I hope this horscope thing is right about Jupitar, and all the shining success..must be, because you're doin' it baby!

Susan Henderson said...

Ha! You've outed me. Next you'll be saying I don't just buy People Magazine for the book reviews.

Ellen said...

Thanks Kat and Kim!!

Sue, now the whole world knows the truth! (Or all ten people who read this blog, anyway.)

RobinSlick said...

Happy Yom Kippur, Ellen. Are you fasting? I am! (But I had coffee...sorry...) It's how I kick start my pre-Thansgiving pigout diet every year, even though everyone knows I have no sins which need absolving.

And if you believe that...

Meanwhile, that horoscope site is dead on and almost scary. Mine (Leo) is so on the mark I got the chills.

Thank you for yet another addiction!

And Sue -- who doesn't love People? It's just one of those closet pleasures that no one will admit to. I mean, I'd never get a subscription, but it's the first thing I grab to read at the hair stylist. ( you know I'm not going to admit to reading it anywhere else)

And Ellen? My secret word verification that I have to type in here before being allowed to post is "pun goy". Oh my, pun goy. I'm sure that means something funny, but what?

Ellen said...

Robin, that's so funny that you got pun goy! I love that! I never get anything that actually spells out a word. You're clearly very special.

And yes, I fasted, but I have to be honest and call it a modified fast, because I always start with a cup of coffee in the morning. If I don't, I get a migraine that brings me to my knees and makes me vomit to the point where I need an emergency IV. Somehow I don't think that's the point of fasting, so I allow my self the indulgence.