Saturday, August 09, 2008

Book Launch Party ... the recap

Last night was the book launch party for The Smart One and it was everything I had dreamed! About 75 people came and I think my little book talk went over pretty well. My only regret is that when I introduced some of my writer friends in the audience, I neglected one of the nicest and most talented, Don Capone, and I feel terrible about that! So please everyone rush over and buy a copy of his book to make up for my mistake. You won't regret it. Into the Sunset is a wild, funny ride.

Huge thanks to everyone who came! You made it such a special night. Here are some pictures:

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Myfanwy Collins said...

Awesome! Such an excellent turnout and no wonder--those smarties know a good book when they see it. You look smashing as always, Ellen! xoxo

Don Capone said...

Ellen, you were great Friday night. You had a big turnout, your account of how you wrote the book was entertaining and informative (as were the questions and answers afterward), and the excerpt you read was funny and definitely would make someone want to read the book (I know I can't wait to dive in).

And thank you for plugging my book, but this is your moment. Enjoy!