Friday, August 15, 2008

Book Revue: Recap and Photos

Last night was the big Book Revue event where Saralee Rosenberg and I discussed our new books, DEAR NEIGHBOR, DROP DEAD and THE SMART ONE. It did not rain during this event. It did not storm. Rather, the skies opened and all the seas of the Earth poured forth upon the North Shore of Long Island with wrath and fury. There were no drops of water, but great sheets that would make Niagara Falls blush with envy.

You might expect the event to have been a washout under these circumstances, but I'm proud to say that about sixty brave souls showed up, and for this I'm immensely grateful.

So to all the folks who came, thank you! To all those who ventured out and found the roadways too flooded to pass, or who couldn't make it past the front door, thank you, too! I know you were there in spirit.

I also want to thank Debbi Honorof for moderating, Julianne of Book Revue for putting everything together and staying so upbeat, Jen Slattery for introducing me to Saralee and for braving the storm, my husband, Mike, for helping with everything and wearing a smile throughout, Saralee's husband, Lee, for doing the same, Taryn for taking the pictures and helping to set up, Alex for helping so much and for being so gracious when I spaced out like a crack fiend with Alzheimer's.

To see a slideshow from the event, click here.

Good news for anyone who wanted to be there but couldn't: Saralee and I are doing two more Long Island events in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed for drier weather! Hope you can join us ...

  • Tuesday, August 19, 7pm
    Book chat by Saralee Rosenberg & Ellen Meister
    Barnes & Noble - Country Glen Center
    Carle Place, NY

  • Saturday, August 23, 2pm
    Book chat by Ellen Meister & Saralee Rosenberg
    Barnes & Noble - Smith Haven Mall
    Lake Grove, NY

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ellen, Was it indoors? Why didn't you have a tent if it was outdoors?
Well, you have a good attitude. I went to a rock star's fund raiser for a politician and it stormed while he played the electric guitar.
That was scary and he said I hope "God isn't a Republican." Your book is terrific though and rain nor sleet nor snow will keep it from being a major hit!