Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My blog tour

Since my coast-to-coast tour of Long Island doesn't get me very far, I'm doing a big cyber tour for the THE SMART ONE. I'll continue to update this post as more appear, but here are some blogs and other sites where you can find me ...


NEW: "The toothsome Kenny Waxman could be played by Matt Damon, Johnny Depp or the charismatic Edward Norton." Read more at Jackie Kessler.

"When you become the second billionaire through writing (after JK Rowling), what will you do with your life? Will you still write? Yes, I'll still write, but I'll be a diva! There'll be a giant star on my laptop and red carpet leading from my office to my minivan." Read more at Joanne Rendell

"As a young teenager, I loved to read and had very romantic notions about what it meant to be writer. Still, my self-image didn't leave room for me to even dream about becoming one myself." Read more at Murder by 4 (with Marta Stephens)

"When I got the idea to explore the ways in which we continue to define--and limit--ourselves by our childhood labels, I knew I had the beginnings of a novel I would want to read. And when I sat down and wrote an experimental chapter and my protagonist's voice emerged, I knew I had the beginning of a novel I wanted to write!" Read more at Maggie Marr

"I think Bev, the title character in THE SMART ONE, needs a lot of hours on an analyst’s couch. She thinks all her problems are due to her family’s unrealistic expectations. As she says on page one ... " Read more at Roberta Isleib

"I'm a morning person, and feel like I can do anything if I get a good jump on the day. So I wake up around 5 am--before the children rise--and get to work." Read more at Wendy Nelson Tokunaga

"But, I have to brag because I know Ellen from several venues. First of all we have the same agency representing our books. The Jane Rotrosen Agency. Different agents, both fabulous in their own rights, but same amazing agency. Ellen and I have e-chatted about how lucky we are to have such great agents behind us and our books." Read more at Amy Wallen

"My new novel, THE SMART ONE, is a sister story with a plot inspired by a real life crime that happened in my home town. And while I didn't intend to use the actual facts of the case in my fictional story, I wanted a good handle on what really happened, and so I telephoned the police detective who worked on the case and had an ... uh ... interesting conversation." Read more at Jess Riley

"This book has it all: great cover, faboo hook, gorgeous author (see web site link). It’s definitely on my list." Read more at Southern Comfort (Karin Gillespie)

"I became an Ellen Meister fan a couple of years ago when I first read her delightful debut novel Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA, so it's a special treat to be part of her Girlfriends Cyber Circuit tour this week for her second novel, The Smart One." Read more at Marilyn Brant

"I know this sounds like a hedge, but I love all my characters. For me, an author's affection for his or her characters--and all their flaws--is what makes a book truly memorable. So I always aim for that." Read more at Judy Larsen

"Ellen Meister is not only one of my favorite authors, she's one of my favorite authors, and by that, I mean that she just totally rocks as a person. Sassy, fun, supportive. I love her." Read more at Allison Winn Scotch

"Would you like to close with a novel you highly recommend and why? Ellen: Absolutely! One of the funniest and most poignant books to come out this summer is DEAR NEIGHBOR, DROP DEAD, by Saralee Rosenberg. I haven't yet met a single person who didn't fall in love with this book!" Read more at Kelly Para


NEW: "On the contrary, The Smart One is a skillfully woven tale that seamlessly blends the genres of true crime, detective story and romance while exploring deeper issues such as sibling rivalry and competition amongst sisters." Read more at Dawn Allcot

NEW: "I have to confess that when I saw the bright “girly” cover and read the synopsis I thought, “oh, good, this will be a quick light read … I’ll dash off the review in no time!”. Well, The Smart One turns out to be a deeper read with real/true personalities dealing with real/true situations." Read more at SheIsTooFondofBooks

"Personally, I'd be pleased with a book like that. But Meister doesn't stop there. She gives us lucid, compellingly readable yet polished prose. She gives us beautiful symbolism and even slips in clever references to a beloved classic that she's updating. And, mostly, she doesn't give us characters so much as people. People who'll drive you nuts, and people you'll fall in love with. " Read more at Susan DiPlacido's Neon Fiction

"Ellen Meister has slipped a murder mystery into what might have been a really good book on it’s own and it packs a one two punch. What is even better is the humor. Sarcastic and witty, the interactions of the characters often had me in stitches." Read more at Chew and Digest - Book Reviews

"Here I am thinking I’m reading a light “chic lit” once again and boom it’s deeper than that. After reading the book and recalling through events, I realized that the book wasn’t REALLY about the 20 year old murder but about the sisters themselves as individuals and as a family unit and their unconditional love and support for the other." Read more at The Book Faery Reviews

"Relationships. At its core, that is what Ellen Meister’s The Smart One is about. Through non-stop action and descriptive language that not only puts you in the scenes physically, but emotionally, Meister unravels a spellbinding story with wit and panache." Read more at Musings from the Mitten

"This book was fast paced and well written. Although the characters experienced tough (and sometimes unlikely) situations and spent time talking about a wide range of feelings, there was humor, wit and an honesty about life that kept it from ever becoming morose or gloomy." Read more at Mom is Just a Nickname

"Are we destined to live out our childhood labels? In Ellen Meister’s new book, The Smart One, three sisters battle to become more than their childhood identities." Read more at Reading and Reviewing by Christine Zibas

" The Smart One, a HarpersCollins release, is a bit chick lit, a bit funny and a bit mystery -- in short it is definitely worth checking out if any of these things are your thing." Read more at Erik Smetana

"I enjoyed following the fast-paced story line, made possible by Meister’s skilled and witty writing…" Read more at Virtual Wordsmith

"First off, let me just say that there is one section of dialogue in this book that had me laughing so hard that I was almost crying. I can’t remember the last time that a book did that for me, if ever." Read more at Gather review by Cybergwen

"If you're looking for a smart summer read, pick up The Smart One by Ellen Meister. This tale of three sisters who rise about their pre-assigned family roles in a time of crisis is engaging and witty." Read more at Gather review by Laura Cushing

"The Smart One by Ellen Meister is a book about three sisters and their struggle to live together despite their very contrasting differences. It is also a book filled with suspense and humor, and I personally had to giggle out loud quite a few times while reading this entertaining novel." Read more at Gather review by Frugal Mom

"Fascinating...gripping...an impressive achievment." Read more at Gather review by April H.

"I really enjoyed reading THE SMART ONE by Ellen Meister. I was able to get into it right from the beginning. What more could you ask for Drugs, sex and rock and roll, along with murder, and sibling Rivalry even though the three sisters are all adults now. I found it a good read from beginning to end." Read more at Gather review by Trudy P.

"A delightful read, this novel is filled with twists and turns. Nothing is quite as it seems and, although I am a murder mystery writer, I did not guess who the murderer was . . . or maybe I did." Read more at Gather review by Marge H.

"Every time I tried to put the book down, I wanted to read one more chapter or page to see if my guessing was getting any closer to the author's conclusion of the story but I was always letting her lead me down another primrose path. I accept that I was "reeled in" by Ellen Meister." Read more at Gather review by Donna Hammett Tooker

"I loved it, and encourage others to read this book." Read more at Gather review by Patty Mayonaise

"I'd like to tell you my favorite part of the novel, but doing so would ruin the very reason for reading it. I found this book a good read, and a quick read, finishing it in only 2 days." Read more at Gather review by Ashley B.

"The Smart One by Ellen Meister is a book about 3 sisters and each of them have a very distinctive character and they don’t really see eye to eye on most things anymore due to some circumstances." Read more at Reviewstream by eryana09

"Funny, funny, funny!" Read more at Shelfari by BeckyL

"Like Ellen herself, this book has a lot of heart and these characters will stick with you long after you have finished reading. Like sisters to you, they are forever." Read more at Myfanwy Collins

"... the novel is fast-paced and features great dialog." Read more at LIBRARY JOURNAL

"If you're looking for a smart, humorous story about families, look no further. THE SMART ONE by Ellen Meister is a down-to-earth story that made me wish I had a sister of my own!" Read more at ROMANCE READER AT HEART

THE SMART ONE. Bev Bloomrosen, the middle of three sisters, has always been envious of her siblings. While her older sister, Clare, has gotten by on her looks and her younger sister, Joey, has everyone on edge with her wild past, everyone has always had high expectations for Bev. At 35 Bev has turned to teaching and is considering leaving New York for a job in Las Vegas. She agrees to spend the summer at her parents’ house while they frolic in Florida with their next-door neighbors and to help facilitate the sale of the neighbors’ house. Things get complicated when Kenny, the next-door neighbors’ handsome son who Bev has always carried a torch for, shows up, considering a move home. Bev is just as smitten as before, but despite the fact that Kenny seems interested, she can’t get over the fact that he slept with Joey when they were teens. Add a murder mystery to this tale of sibling rivalry for a perfect beach read. Kristine Huntley, BOOKLIST


Myfanwy Collins said...

Look at you go! This is incredible.

Patry Francis said...

Someone brought me The Smart One when I was in the hospital last week. I'm so excited...Flowers are nice, but they don't get reviews like this!