Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Update

* I'm doing two signings for THE SMART ONE this weekend. On Saturday, I'll be at Syosset Borders from 2-4, and on Sunday I'll be at the Waldenbooks in the Walt Whitman Mall from 1-3. If you're around, stop by and say hi.

* Pretty jammed week here, though nothing exciting or glamorous to report. Darling daughter got sick over the weekend with a bad cold and fever, and stayed home Monday and Tuesday. She's not quite well yet, but is on the mend. Fortunately, she was well for her 11th birthday, which was last Friday. (She shares the date with Frank Sinatra.)

* Got my business holiday gifts packaged and shipped. I sent apple pies from the Jericho Cider Mill, which I'm pretty sure are the most delicious apple pies on the planet. I hope they were enjoyed.

* Made some excellent progress with the novel. I'm on page 260 and have passed the 60,000-word mark. A huge milestone and I feel great about it!

* Cooked an awesome dinner last night inspired by Rachael Ray, who I've been watching while I run  on the treadmill. I adore her.

* I just started reading Michael Palmer's THE SECOND OPINION.  It's not out yet but I was lucky enough to score an ARC. So far I'm enthralled. I'm not only grabbed by the plot, but by the main character, a woman doctor with Asperger's syndrome.  You're going to want to read this one!

* This week I spent way too much time on Facebook. Also, I joined Twitter, but I haven't posted a single thing yet. If you want to friend me on either of these sites, please do!

* Am I the only one struck by the fact that Bernie Madoff's last name is pronounced made-off, as in he made off with all your money?

* Okay, I'm off to Target. 

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No Name Me said...

Ellen! Huge congrats on making your novel mark. Very stoked for you.

And hope you have a happy holiday!