Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday mini-update

Busy busy day and not much to report anyway. Career-wise it's been a slow week. I'm still waiting anxiously for a pub date on my untitled novel, and haven't made much progress on the one I hope will follow.

If you've been reading this blog you know I've been going crazy trying to come up with a title, and have been leaning toward The Broken Wall. But after having lunch with the very smart, talented and helpful Susan Henderson yesterday, I've changed my mind, and am now gunning for The Parting. Not even sure it's on my editor's short list, so we'll see how that flies.

Oh, allergies! Such misery this time of year, no? So much fluid in my head I have tinnitus. Wish I could believe it meant people were talking about me ...

1 comment:

Carleen Brice said...

"The Party" for sure!