Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Update

Ever have a week where you felt like you spent every hour of the day running in place? This was one of those. Not much to report ...

• Excited to receive my new little Samsung NC-10 netbook, but I can't get it access my wireless internet at home. Spent an hour on the phone with D-Link tech support yesterday to no avail. I'll probably spend another hour today. Do I have time for this nonsense? No!

• Today I addressed a big, smart group of retired professionals from the Molloy Institute of Life Long Learning in Rockville Centre, Long Island. My favorite part of these appearances is the question and answer period at end, and this group was especially dynamic. Big shout-out to Marie and Sal Barry for inviting me to speak.

• Got one sick kid today, sorry to say. Feel better, Ethan!

• Getting more and more excited about this new book idea I'm working on. I'm practically feeling hypergraphic over it. Wish I could carve out more time to work.

• Went to my daugther's 5th grade concert this week. Kudos to the band, the orchestra and the chorus. You kids were awesome! And of course, a standing O for the incredible music teachers in our district.

• Attention New Yorkers: tomorrow night there's a special event sponsored by the folks who published the six-word memior book, NOT QUITE WHAT I WAS PLANNING. I'll be among the writers reading their six words. Hope you can join us! Click here for more info.

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