Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Update

• I spent most of this week catching up on emails and errands I put off last week, when I was prepping for my trip to Newburyport, so not too much to report.

• Sending love and healing wishes to Debbi Honorof. Glad you're home, Deb ... hope you're feeling better day by day.

• Cool lunch on Tuesday with some of my LI lit pals. We're conspiring to launch an exciting joint project. Stay tuned for details.

• Adam in the bottom 3? Huh??? Why do I smell an AI conspiracy to ratchet up next week's call volume?

• After months of not losing an ounce I finally gave up and starting eating carbs again. Guess what? I lost two pounds Go figure. At any rate, it lifted my mood.

• Started weight training this week, but only did it once so it had no impact on above mentioned weight loss. Anyway, I know it's going to be weeks if not months before I see any difference, so it'll be a real exercise in patience for me. (Pun intended)

• For once I'm reading a new book--Elinor Lipman's THE FAMILY MAN. It's amazing--so funny and tender and elegantly written. She truly lets the characters tell the whole story, primarily through dialogue. There's so much between the lines, and not a spare word. Too bad Woody Allen only makes movies from his own stories, because these hilarious and authentic characters would serve his audience so well.


Brenda Janowitz said...

You're eating carbs again? When are we going to Houstons?!

Ellen said...

Can't think of much I'd rather do than have lunch with you gals at Houstons!!!

Tish Cohen said...

Ellen, I'm having an invisible week too! No one is answering me either. Let's email each other and answer real quick to make sure we both exist.

You should be Elinor's publicist. You hooked me with this description - I'm buying it today.

Hope all is well with the new book. I'm doing my rewrites and have a new title I love. Not sure if others love it but I do...