Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Update

Here's what's happening ...

• Just found out The Smart One is featured in Woman's Day online as a summer pick. Click here and then scroll through. I'm right after Rita Rudner.

• On Monday, I did a really special outdoor event on Long Island. It was the Summer Gazebo Reading Series run by Tony Iovino. My pal Debbi Honorof moderated, and did a great job of keeping it lively as she introduced Brenda Janowitz, Saralee Rosenberg, Carol Hoenig and yours truly. To read more about it, check out Saralee's blog.

• After the reading a few of us went out for a bite at the worst diner on Long Island. Good company made up for the bad food.

• Better food? Cheesecake Factory! The family went on Tuesday to celebrate my husband's birthday. What a pig out!

• My two younger kids started day camp this week and I don't think I've ever seen them happier. They go to a camp that specializes in fine and performing arts, and it's a magical place.

• I discovered that the good thing about planting your flowers in June instead of May when you're supposed to is that everything is on sale. And now it's all done, finally ... the garden will look nice in a few weeks.

• Best wishes for a safe, happy Fourth of July!

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