Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Update 1/22

Busy ... busy ... busy ...

• Spoke to my agent about the proposal and everybody is pretty excited, so yay.

• Some excellent health progress with the sick kidlet, which is the best news of all.

• Looks like I may have picked up some freelance writing work. Pay is low and I really have no time for it, but it should be fun. And I need the dough, such as it is.

• Did a video interview with CafeMom that has nothing to do with my writing life. I just agreed to participate in one of their promos because I thought it might be a kick. It was. When it's live, I'll post a link.

• Writer pal Jordan Rosenfeld interviewed me on her blog. It's a quick six questions about revision. If you haven't clicked in, I hope you'll do that now ... Make A Scene.

• I'm excited that the wonderful Kristin Hannah is going to be at Book Revue on Long Island on February 12. I plan to be there. Do you?

• It's official--the title of my forthcoming novel is THE OTHER LIFE. Feels good to know.

Out of time. Have a great weekend!

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