Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday Update 1/8

• Finished my new proposal this week and will send it off to my agents early next week. That's probably stupid timing as they're both getting back from vacation on Monday, but I'm too anxious to sit on it.

• Having cold feet about the working title of my third book, THE OTHER LIFE. And while I think my editor and agents are ready to clobber me by now, I'm gearing up to submit more ideas.

• I read someplace that people like you more if your house leans toward the messy side. By that standard, my home was looking like I was vying for the title of Ms. Popularity. So a bit of cleaning today, which I loathe.

• Finally booked a place for the little one's bat mitzvah, which I put off for way too long. I was hoping the gods of prosperity might see fit to stop grinding my good little family into the ground, but no such luck. So I went ahead and did what I could.

• Real Estate Weekly ran an excellent profile on my brother, Stephen Meister, this week. Incisive, well-written article. Kudos to writer Daniel Greiger.

• Someone I love is 15 today. Happy birthday, darling boy! Time flies ...

• What I'm reading now: E.M. Forster's A ROOM WITH A VIEW. Thought I'd like it more.


Artificiallyawake said...

Happy 15th Birthday!

I agree on the house cleaning Ellen. I hate being in an uber neat household. People must really like my house then, lol

Ellen said...

Yeah, let's start a movement to reject the clean and shiny!

SusanD said...

Other than the kitchen, I despise cleaning. I like the title THE OTHER LIFE very much, but if you're not thrilled, keep chugging. You worked REALLY hard on that book. And birthday wishes to the 15 year old!

Ellen said...

Thanks, Susan. One of my problems is trying for a consensus, which will never happen. I mentioned THE OTHER LIFE to another writer pal the other day and she looked horrified--thought it was just too vanilla. She liked IF ONLY, which I think starts to dissolve as soon as it hits your frontal cortex.