Monday, January 25, 2010

To be read

The books in my TBR pile fall into five categories:

1. Research (for my w-i-p)
2. Professional obligations
3. Edification (to fill some of the massive holes in my literacy)
4. Insistent daughter (Mom, can you PLEEEEEASE read this so we can talk about it?)
5. Pleasure

There is, of course, never enough time to get to all of it. And yet, every time I visit the public library I come home with another book. It's some kind of temporary madness. I see a novel I want to read and think, Goody--I have time to read this! And then I go home and look at my reading pile and realize I have rocks in my head.

What does your reading pile look like?


Helene said...

If I quit my job tomorrow, I would still not have time between now and the end of time to finish all the books on my to-read list!

liz said...

My pile is enormous -- it threatens to clonk me on the head if I don't move it from the bedside table every night.

Glad your child is better, and congrats on the book title!

Insistent daughter said...

Yay! I get my own category!!