Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Update 5/21

Some crazy schizophrenic weather this week in New York, but it seems like spring might actually have settled in at last.

Here's the latest ...

• Happy for the lovely weather, as tomorrow the whole family is "running" in a race to benefit Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism. I put that in quotes as I might be the only one attempting to break a sweat. The kids will probably walk the whole way, and Mike is nursing a pulled muscle. We'll see ... should be fun in any case.

(That could be actual an picture of me, only my legs aren't that fat.)

• Just want to add that it's a great cause, and I encourage you to make a donation. Click here to donate online.

• Speaking of services for autism, if you're a Long Islander, there are some kids who could really use your help. They need to do some job sampling this summer to learn basic work skills, so if your business is willing to hire some very well-behaved high-functioning autistic teenagers for part time work, please drop me a line. They would be accompanied by aides, and could work for little or no money. Thanks so much!

• Some cool publishing news: my wonderful editor sent along a book jacket design for THE OTHER LIFE and I'm head-over-heels in love with it. I'll post it just as soon as the final version is approved.

• Made my way through the copyedited ms. this week and sent it back to my publisher, along with my acknowledgments. It's all starting to feel so real.

• Just found out I'm having dinner with E.L. Doctorow in September, thanks to my cousins Richard and Lois. Whose life am I living? Surely this can't be mine. Anyway, more on that soon.

• My brother's star as a right wing media darling keeps rising. Here's Stephen Meister's latest: an Op-Ed in the New York Post called THE NEXT DI$A$TER: Federal mortgage insurance.

Back to work, as I've been neglecting Dorothy Parker for too long. Have a great weekend ...

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