Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Update 5/28

So crazed this week with end-of-the-school year stuff. Way worse than usual as the wonderkid is graduating and we're still working out his transition plan. Here's what else is going on ...

• Last weekend's 5K race to benefit Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism went really well. My husband was nursing a knee injury, which meant he was happy to run at my slow pace, coaching me along. I didn't break any records, but of course that wasn't my goal. All I wanted to do was keeping running straight through to the end, which I did. Big thanks to all who sponsored us.

• Finished the first third of FAREWELL, DOROTHY PARKER and printed it out to edit in hard copy. So far, so good. :)

HarperCollins threw a book blogger party Wednesday night, and my pal Susan Henderson was one of the two featured authors. That means I got my hands on an ARC of her forthcoming debut, UP FROM THE BLUE. I can hardly wait to read this book. The buzz it's getting is astounding ... so make note. This is one for your must-read list.

• I was thrilled that the party was held at the Algonquin, as it gave me an additional opportunity to channel Dorothy Parker.
That's a young Mrs. Parker herself in the pearls. Alexander Woollcott, the theater critic who started the Algonquin Round Table,  is seated on the right. The man standing behind her in the light suit is Harpo Marx. If anyone else can identify the two other men I'd appreciate it.

Pindeldyboz, a wonderful literary e-zine, is shutting down after 10 years. It was one of the first places that published me (remarkably, I'm still proud of the story). Sorry to see it go, but it had a good long run.

• My friend Debra Borden, a wonderful woman and terrifically funny author, sent Oprah an audition tape. I hope you'll click and give her a vote.

• Read a fascinating couple of paragraphs in BusinessWeek the other day about experiments using whipworms to cure Crohn's Disease. Check it out.

• Another season of American Idol comes to an end, and once again the nation proves it values mediocrity over talent. Oh, well. At least I wasn't emotionally invested this time. I leave you with a video of someone who took it to heart (with thanks to Ken Levine for the link) ...

Have a great weekend. xo


Daniel James Palmer said...

Thanks for these updates Ellen. Love reading them every week! Though sort of wish I could "unwatch" the American Idol fan reaction video.

Ellen said...

I know what you mean about that video, and yet I love everything about it.

Thank YOU for checking in and hey ... happy birthday!