Thursday, May 06, 2010

Happy Birthday George Clooney!

Born May 6 - Your Year Ahead
You can be a little more temperamental and impatient this year, which can lead to disagreements with others. However, you are also more intellectually stimulated during this period of your life, and projects that require concentration and focus will be especially rewarding. Also, social and romantic relationships are likely to be quite satisfying during this period of your life

Dear George,

Four years ago I sent you a present. It wasn't to celebrate your birthday. It was to mark the publication of my first book, SECRET CONFESSIONS OF THE APPLEWOOD PTA, a novel about three women who conspire to get a George Clooney movie filmed in their children's schoolyard.

The original title was GEORGE CLOONEY IS COMING TO APPLEWOOD, but you wouldn't give me permission to use your name.

To show there were no hard feelings, I sent you a copy of the book with the following inscription:

Dear George,
This book might just put you on the map.
You're welcome.
Ellen Meister

You never sent a thank you, but give me a call sometime. I have some ideas for how you can make it up to me.

By the way, my birthday is November 18.

Enjoy your day ...


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Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Love this post, Ellen!