Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Update 7/16

Another chaotic week, most of it too personal or just too boring to share. But here's a very click-heavy list of highlights ...

• Had my sister here with us last week, which was fun. Great to see the nephews! (Hi Austin. Hi Henry.)

• My pal Debbi Honorof, book columnist for Long Island Woman Magazine, invited a group of local authors, including yours truly, to submit summer reading book reviews. You can see the digital version of the magazine here. Click though to page 10 and then click "enlarge."

FYI, my selection was NOSE DOWN, EYES UP by Merrill Markoe.

• My agents sold German rights to THE OTHER LIFE. Great news!

• My friend Robin Slick has a wonderful blog entry about Tish Cohen's new book, THE TRUTH ABOUT DELILAH BLUE. Click it!.

• The newest addiction in our house: THE AKINATOR. Think of a famous person and then click in. It'll freak you out.

• You really must listen to this audio clip. It's a review of my pal Susan Henderson's forthcoming book, UP FROM THE BLUE. I agree with every word this reviewer says.

• So BOOK HAMPTON  has a reading lineup this Saturday from three authors I've actually met. Susan Isaacs is at their East Hampton store at 5. (I'm dying to read her new book and wish I could make this!) Jill Zarin of Real Housewives of NYC is at South Hampton at 5. (We met in an elevator at Penguin.) And Andrew Gross is at East Hampton at 7. (Hubby and I will likely be at that one.)

Have a great weekend ...


Kemari said...

Oh no. I clicked on the Akinator.

How the heck is that thing right? It's gotten the last 5 people I've thought of!

I have a feeling I'm going to be wasting too much time on that site. ;)

Ellen said...

It's SO addictive! And I still can't figure out how it zeros in on the answers so fast. It's freaky!

Donna said...

another busy week at your house! that akinator site may be a problem..especially since i'm at the office. xoxo D

LitPark said...

So great about German rights! Hope you're enjoying your trip.