Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Update 7/9/10

Back home after a much-needed vacation. I feel like I've been rebooted. Here's the latest ...

• One step forward and two steps back with the book cover for THE OTHER LIFE. They designed a beautiful cover I fell in love with, but for one reason or another the smart folks at Putnam decided it wasn't quite right for the book. I haven't seen anything new yet and I'm VERY anxious about this.

• The book is now listed in the Putnam catalog, with a placeholder cover. Click here if you want to check it out. I'm excited about the company I'm in!

• Can someone please tell me why on earth Newsday would print this this ill-informed letter from some fool who doesn't understand that there's a difference between anaphylactic shock and allergies that make you uncomfortable? She thinks airlines banned peanuts to be PC. Idiot.

• Our long weekend in Nantucket was glorious. God, but that place is seductive. Big shout-out to by bro and s-i-l for being such spectacular hosts.

• Hard to wrap my mind around how much laundry the trip generated. How does 5 people x 5 days = 4000 pounds of dirty clothes?

• I updated my homepage with new copy. Check it out.

• Do you know what drowning looks like? I sure didn't, until I read this article (thanks to agent blogger Janet Reid)

• Addictive Time Waster of the Week: Think of a famous person or character and click here to play this game.

• Reminder: Are you on my mailing list? If not, please click here and sign up. Thanks!! (Please note that getting this blog via email does not mean you're on my mailing list. Two separate entities.)

• After a month-long hiatus I'm back to work on FAREWELL, DOROTHY PARKER. I have have ambitious plans for progress this summer. Stay tuned ...

Have a great weekend!

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